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"Don't be the girl who fell. Be the girl 
who got back up." Jenette Stanley




LaKisha Johnson has a combination of 30 years of being in the field of education. She has 10 years as the Charles County owner of Little Treasures Family Daycare. She has worked in education for both Charles County for 9 years and Prince George County school systems for 11 years. Ms. Kisha currently owns and operates Treasures Feathers Handcrafted Earrings. LaKisha has also extended her designing interest to Interior Decor. and re-furbished furniture by re-designing and recycling items. She is a minority female entrepreneur along with Mentoring for teenage girls provides them with hands-on entrepreneurship presentations and guided interviews. LaKisha lives with her family in, Maryland.

Yolonda Earl-Thompson with over 20 years of experience  in community programs, she has evinced ability to strengthen communities socially, emotionally, economically, and academically. In 2019, she was recognized by Fairfax County's Neighborhood Community Services for her community efforts. Her ability to move from vision to inspiration, that results into action, was highlighted on ABC7. Yolonda lives with husband and young children in, Virginia.

Sandra Scruggs Owner/Operated Early Childcare educator for 19 years, Building Blocks Family Child Care LLC. Founder of Irene House a non-profit organization that offers child care assistance for teenage mothers in order to help them succeed in getting an education, job, personal development, etc. Member of several Family Child Care Associations. Ministries and Author. Our Mantra comes from Mrs, Sandra's book: We Made It Anyway! Sandra lives with her husband, children and grandchildren in, Virginia.

LaWanda Earl-Scott with over 30 years of leadership and participation in the fields of education and community services. She is a strong, creative and concerned educator. LaWanda continues to have leadership duties as a Youth Facilitator over the years such as; Project Wonder a inner city youth Summer Camp Program, D.C., Job-Alike Mentor for Early Childhood high school students, Prince George County Schools, Maryland, and SCAN facilitator program working on strengthening families, Northern Virginia. Mrs. Earl-Scott has a Bachelors Degree in Education, Family and Consumer Sciences she is a graduate of Tennessee State University. Mrs. LaWanda lives with her husband in Southern Maryland and has two adult children located in Tennessee & California. I believe girls can build lasting friendships, while developing positive changes in their lives.


Ashley Lewis our youngest female emerging from 10 years of property management experience. Ashley grew up loving liturgical dance and being in a full- filling and safe youth group. Ashley is jumping into entrepreneurship as an up- and- coming Social Media Specialist and App Designer. Ashley is passionate about engaging with girls as support. With her expertise and blooming personality, Ashley was made for this role in the girls lives. Ashley is mom to an Awesome kid, she lives in, Virginia.

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