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"Don't be the girl who fell. Be the girl 
who got back up." Jenette Stanley



LaWanda Earl-Scott with over 40 years of leadership and participation in the fields of education and community services. Mrs. LaWanda is comprising and strong in providing solutions, creative exercises and a concerned educator. Mrs. LaWanda continues to have leadership duties as a youth facilitator over the years such as;  being a entrepreneur of  her women's minority owned business named That Girl Connections, LLC in Southern Maryland with a concentration where she services underserved populations of girls ages 13 yrs - 18+ yrs. through her local Girls Squad mentorship with local high school students and SOMD Youth, Inc's residential girls home as an ILS coordinator. (specializing in a customized program). Job-Alike Mentor' public high school student programs. PGCPS public school educator for 11 yrs 7yrs Primary Chair and committee member for school improvement plan-MD, Teen room teacher for St. Colletta of Greater Washington, VA, SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) facilitator program assistant  on strengthening families, Northern Virginia. Project Wonder Arts and Crafts volunteer Summer Camp inner-city youth, S.E., D.C.  and Youth Summer director of employment , MI. Mrs. LaWanda has a Bachelors Degree in Education and Family and Consumer Sciences  and extended graduate studies in Special Education from the Univ. of Virginia Graduate School.  Mrs. LaWanda is a graduate of Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN.. Mrs. LaWanda carries a CRCYCP with the State of MD. 

(CCPS) Family and consumer sciences is the comprehensive body of skills, research, and knowledge that helps people make informed decisions about their well-being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life. (AAFCS, 2016). The field represents many areas including but not limited to human development, personal finance, housing and interior design, food science, nutrition, social media safety, cultural awareness and consumer issues .Program demonstrated actions of the That Girl Connections structured program 2020-2024.

Also, in partnership with Lazera Ministries, a community-based non-profit which provides off campus social and community participation experiences for TGC's program providing quality interactive learning and social development. Adulthood transitioning is available and provided as needed. Provisions of food and aid are provided for families in need with support for continuous gap building growth. Mrs. LaWanda understands complex concepts and the skills below but not limited helps in her making informed decisions and acquiring new knowledge.

  • Comprehensive skills

  • Planning/Preparation

  • Active listening skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Organization skills

  • Management skills

  • Dependability skills

Mrs. LaWanda lives with her husband in Southern Maryland and has two adult children located in Tennessee & Maryland  I have an avid need to learn new skills and competencies to share with others. I believe in “Each One Teach One.”  Mrs. LaWanda Earl-Scott

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Raised in Detroit, Yolonda enjoys using her interpersonal
communication skills to create successful outcomes for
families and their communities. With over 25 years of
experience of community development, she has led many
community initiatives that have led to systemic changes that
address social and racial equity. In 2019, she was recognized
by Fairfax County’s Neighborhood Community Services for her
community efforts. Currently, Yolonda serves as the Executive Director of LAZERA Ministries whose mission is to o provide human centered programs and services that educate and bring restoration to community members during times of hardship and despair. The organization provides program that provides free healing programs and safe space for marginalized communities. Her ability to move from inspiration to implementation was highlighted on channel ABC7. Yolonda is also a sought-out lived experience consultant and community facilitator due to her unique approach to conduct human centered interviews, focus groups as well as interactive workshops and training that explore social and emotional awareness, community building, family development, and decision-making with a local and global perspective. Yolonda has a B.A. in Communications from George Washington University, an M.A. in Family and Marriage Counseling from Liberty University and is a veteran of the United
States Marine Corps. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband of 20 years and 2 sons. Yolonda seeks to “awaken the human concern of others to bring healing, peace, unity, and world changing results to humanity - one person and one community at a time.”


Sandra Scruggs Owner/Operated Early Childcare educator for 21 years, Building Blocks Family Child Care LLC. Founder of Irene House a non-profit organization that offers child care assistance for teenage mothers in order to help them succeed in getting an education, job, personal development, etc. Member of several Family Child Care Associations. Ministries and Author. Our Mantra comes from Mrs,Sandra's book "We Made It Anyway!" Sandra lives with her husband, children, and grandchildren in Virginia.


Ashley Lewis, is our youngest female, who has established over 10 years of property management experience in the residential industry. Ashley grew up in the heart of Washington , DC, loving liturgical dance and being in a fulfilling and safe youth group. Ashley is jumping into entrepreneurship as an up- and- coming Social Media Specialist and App Designer. She is passionate about engaging with youth as their support system. With her expertise and blooming personality, Ashley strives to bring a lot of excitement to the vision of our company. Ashley is mom to an awesome son and currently resides in Virginia.

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